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Web Developer

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My Name is Andrew Erhardt and I am a web developer in Boise, Idaho. I create things on that inter-connected network of computers we call the internet! I have skills in PHP & MySQL Application Development, Website Design, Graphic Design, Website and Server Management.

I started coding PHP when I was sixteen years old. At eighteen, I signed up for an account at and started doing random projects for pay. In 2012, I signed my first contract for a full website, which can be found in My Portfolio.

Currently, I am working on a few projects like the VATSIM Data Class written in PHP and a scenery for Flight Simulator X.

ss (2016-04-26 at 06.26.57)

Boise, Idaho Scenery

Boise, Idaho Airport Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X


VATSIM Data Class

A PHP Library for easily downloading and parsing data from the VATSIM Network. Code can be downloaded at

Have a project that needs to be completed? Need a website for your business? Look no further! Contact me for a free quote!

You can contact me by filling out the form to the right, or by calling me directly at 208.559.0507.

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Twitter: @andrewerhardt

Facebook: andrewerhardt1